Product Line Card Teflon Coated Fasteners

Teflon Coated Fasteners and Plain Fasteners

Anchors Bolts Screws
Stud anchors
(Rawl Anchor, US Anchor Ramset & Simpson)
Sleeve Anchors
Drop In Anchors
Tapcons complete line
Power Actuated, All Types
22, 25 & 27 Caliber loads & Pins
Chemical Anchors & Epoxy System Flange Bolts Grade5 & 8
Chem Studs, Bolts & Sleeves
Bent Anchor Bolts
In-House Made to Order
Any Materials & Plating
Nylon Tappits
Steel Tappits {Nail-Ins}
Original Wej-It Anchors
All the above are available in Stainless Steel & Galvanized
Hex Cap Screws
Grade 2, 5, 8, L9
Structural Bolts, Plain & Galvanized
A-325 & A-490
Carriage Bolts
Hex Head Lag Bolts
Plow Bolts {Grade 5 & 8}
Elevator Bolts
Flange Bolts Grade5 & 8
Socket Products
Socket Head Cap Screws
Button Head Socket Cap Screws
Flat Head Socket Cap Screws
Dowel Pin
Shoulder Bolts
Set Screws {All types}
Square Head Set Screws
Specials Available Upon Request
All of the above are available in
All types of stainless steel & galvanized
Self Drilling Screws
Hex, Pan, Flat, Phillips, Torx, Square Dr.
Drywall Screws
Deck Screws {Galv, Stainless, YZ}
Floor Screw, Torx Drive
Woodgrip Screws-Colors Available
Sheet Metal Screws {Hex, Pan & Flat}
Wood Screws {Flat & Round}
Machine Screws
{Round, Pan, Flat,Fillister Oval & Truss}
Metric Machine Screws
U-Drive Screws
Euro Screws
Connecting Screws
Type 17 Cutter Screws
Furniture Screws
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