PEC is a licensed industrial applicator of Teflon Coatings who has over 30 years of experience in the metal finishing business.  We offer several types of coatings to fit your needs.
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Most items IN-STOCK – Teflon Coated Bolt and Hardware. Large inventories of PTFE  coated and uncoated fasteners, including ASTM A-193 and B7 Studs Teflon Blue.  When your projects need B7 blue studs or b7 blue hex bolts, we have them both, available in many colors.  We are capable of providing Domestic and Imported Fasteners. Most projects follow the ASTM guidelines which use the A-194 Grade 2H Heavy Hex Nut for the mating nut to Teflon coated studs.

We can accommodate your needs large or small.  Custom orders and colors are our specialties.




Stud anchors
(Rawl Anchor, US Anchor Ramset & Simpson)
Sleeve Anchors
Drop In Anchors
Tapcons complete line
Power Actuated, All Types
22, 25 & 27 Caliber loads & Pins
Chemical Anchors & Epoxy System Flange Bolts Grade5 & 8
Chem Studs, Bolts & Sleeves
Bent Anchor Bolts
In-House Made to Order
Any Materials & Plating
Nylon Tappits
Steel Tappits {Nail-Ins}
Original Wej-It Anchors
All the above are available in Stainless Steel & Galvanized

Hex Cap Screws
Grade 2, 5, 8, L9
Structural Bolts, Plain & Galvanized
A-325 & A-490
Carriage Bolts
Hex Head Lag Bolts
Plow Bolts {Grade 5 & 8}
Elevator Bolts
Flange Bolts Grade5 & 8
Socket Products
Socket Head Cap Screws
Button Head Socket Cap Screws
Flat Head Socket Cap Screws
Dowel Pin
Shoulder Bolts
Set Screws {All types}
Square Head Set Screws
Specials Available Upon Request
All of the above are available in
All types of stainless steel & galvanized
Self Drilling Screws
Hex, Pan, Flat, Phillips, Torx, Square Dr.
Drywall Screws
Deck Screws {Galv, Stainless, YZ}
Floor Screw, Torx Drive
Woodgrip Screws-Colors Available
Sheet Metal Screws {Hex, Pan & Flat}
Wood Screws {Flat & Round}
Machine Screws
{Round, Pan, Flat,Fillister Oval & Truss}
Metric Machine Screws
U-Drive Screws
Euro Screws
Connecting Screws
Type 17 Cutter Screws
Furniture Screws