Teflon Keystone XL Pipeline

How much  opportunity is the for Teflon and Metal Finishing applicators on the Keystone XL Pipeline?  The oil sands deposit is massive — and so is the pipeline.  The Teflon Keystone XL Pipeline will tap into the second biggest petroleum reserves on Earth. If approved, it will run from Hardisty, Alberta, to Port Arthur, Texas. The $7 billion, 830,000-barrel a day project would go from Canada, through the Great Plains, crossing six states and ending in Texas. 

There is a large amount of equipment to be coated, Gate Valves, Pumps, Pipe line , collars and all kinds of fixtures.  All these need corrosion protection and Teflon life extending coatings protection.

If you offer Carbide coatings and Teflon Services, you will have your plate full.  Thankfully that is what Performance Engineered Components offers.  They have over 40 years in these industries and are ready and equipt for the demanding work.

We at Performance Engineered Components believe this is a good project for American Industry ( Teflon Keystone XL Pipeline) and will give manufacturers a chance to show off their might and strength.  We Say, Bring the work On.

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