Did you know that Teflon can be used instead of glass? Believe it or not, it’s been used in many industrial situations in this way.

It’s also used as a coating in many different situations. Teflon coating is durable and adds many desirable qualities to the piece you’re working with.

Why would you need Teflon coating, though? Aren’t your products already good enough?

That depends on your products. There are many great reasons to add Teflon to your production process.

Still not sold? Here are five reasons why you should use Teflon coating in your manufacturing ASAP.

What is Teflon?

The name “Teflon” is associated with a chemical plastic that was discovered by human beings. It’s made from fluorine and carbon and is scientifically known as polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE. Teflon is a registered trademark name for the chemical.

Teflon can be graded for various uses, including culinary use and industrial parts. Teflon is easy to clean and repels water.

Thanks to its many useful properties, Teflon can be helpful in many industries. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should add Teflon to your products ASAP.

1. You Sell Cookware

If cookware is in your lineup of products and you aren’t already using Teflon, it’s time to change things.

Teflon is big to consumers. It’s found in kitchens all over the United States.

What does Teflon do in the culinary world? It makes it so food doesn’t stick when you’re cooking. If you’ve ever used a non-stick pan or muffin tin, you’ve used Teflon.

While the sale of non-Teflon coated cookware is still big, it’s a good idea to add non-stick items to your inventory. You’ll always have people who’re looking for that option, so you know the items will sell.

Don’t wait to make this change. You can get Teflon ASAP, which will make your customers happier.

In the past, there have been worries that Teflon wasn’t safe to use in cooking. While there was a fear that health issues were related to Teflon use, the substance in use today is totally safe.

2. Nuts and Bolts Aren’t Holding Up

Over time, the nuts and bolts used in construction will wear out. This means your work will have to be redone. This can’t always be done in a timely fashion, so parts and items may not be secure as they once were.

Teflon coating helps expand the life of nuts and bolts. While they’ll still experience stress, which will still wear them out in the long run, coating them in Teflon will help them last much longer.

Not only will they last longer, they’ll also be stronger too.

3. You Need Better Beauty Products

The beauty industry is a huge one. There are countless items you can sell and services you can provide, all within this one niche.

You can make some of your products better by using Teflon. This includes heat styling tools. If special coatings aren’t used on curling irons and flat irons, your customers’ hair may get damaged.

Teflon helps to reduce the damage associated with hot styling tools

Beyond coating tools for better hair protection, Teflon is used in other ways in the beauty industry too. You may find it lining the inside of cans of hair spray. Other pressurized spray containers are likely candidates, too.

The better your products are, the happier your customers will be, so adding Teflon is a good choice.

4. Corrosion is an Issue

Have you noticed corrosion in the metal pieces your company produces? Then it’s time for an upgrade. Teflon coating can be helpful here.

Corrosion happens for a variety of reasons. In each case, Teflon can help prevent it. This is because of its corrosion-resisting properties.

There are dangers involved when working with rusting nuts and bolts. Eliminate that danger by using pieces that aren’t likely to ever have that issue.

While you can take measures to keep nuts and bolts away from situations that often result in corrosion, that isn’t always practical. It’s better to simply use a coating to avoid getting rust at all.

5. Water Resistance is Desired

If you produce products that would benefit from being resistant to water, Teflon is a great option. Consider adding it to your products today.

Thanks to the chemical properties of Teflon, it naturally repels water. This makes it a great option for cookware, fabrics, surfaces, and more.

For easy application, Teflon can be applied as a spray.

Spray-on Teflon is particularly useful when it comes to fabrics. Not only does it protect fabrics from water, but it also keeps soil and stains away.

Wouldn’t this make the fabric sticky and stiff like plastic? Not at all!

That’s another one of the amazing properties of Teflon. Spray it on for added protection and the fabric will still be breathable and look great.

The benefits of spray-on Teflon really go long way in upholstery. Your customers will appreciate having furniture that’s stain and water-resistant.

Teflon Coating is the Way to Go

If you haven’t considered using Teflon coating in your manufacturing before, now’s the time to start. There are many benefits to using Teflon that you’re currently missing out on.

Resistance to corrosion is only the beginning. Water resistance, strength, durability, and more make Teflon a highly desirable coating material in multiple situations.

So what are you waiting for? Start using Teflon coating today. It’s sure to make your products better and your customers happier.

Ready to start reaping the benefits of Teflon coating? Contact us today to get started ASAP.