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Heat Seal Coatings

35 Years Experience in the processes of Teflon coating, offers specialized service in applying all standard Heat Seal Coatings, including single and multi-coat systems.

 Exact compliance with Heat Seal Coatings, Chrome Oxide, Tungsten Carbide and Component Manufacturing for industrial, food grade, aerospace and government specs.

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PEC, with over 30 years experience in the processes of Teflon Coatings and heat seal coatings. Presently we offers specialized service in applying all standard Teflon products. Although our heat seal coatings are highly sophisticated innovations in flexible packaging, they can be found in even the most common day-to-day objects and appliances – from yogurt lids to soap wrappers. As a consequence these products offer non stick resistance to friction, corrosion and abrasion of working surfaces. Variable cure temperatures allow safe processing in both hardened metals and other materials. In addition heat seal coatings may also be applied in conjunction with common plating or other surface treatments in order to ensure performance characteristics required in your application. In addition we will provide the information-base you need to choose the best solution for your application from among our wide variety of coatings and processes.

  • ISO Compliant
  • Committed to providing solutions for industry
  • Individual service to meet the needs of your applications
  • Confidentiality assured


  • Plasma Coatings
  • HVOF
  • Flame Spray
  • Twin Wire Arc
  • Plastic and Rubber Coatings
  • Stamping Services
  • Fabrication

Our heat seal coatings are designed for both extrusion and solvent-based application, and can be applied to a variety of substrates including Steel, Aluminum, plastic and rubber substrates.  These coatings have excellent corrosion protection, non-stick, heat resistance, and low friction characters. Depending on which type of Teflon, the coatings can function between -450°F and 550°F.

Presently we are set up for small batch to full production runs.  For this reason Consulting services are available to fulfill your every requirement.

Contact:  Chuck Donald for Inquiry’s  262 250 8460


In addition Performance Engineered Components offers Teflon Coating Services, fabrication, prototypes  and many coating finishes to make a complete part.