PTFE Coating services, that includes items such as Teflon  and also Xylan,  are constantly  being  updated and improved by both Du Pont and Whitford Ltd..  At Performance Engineered Components we recognize that not all engineers know the full benefits of the fluoropolymer array of finishes, it is when it comes to this know-how that we are in a position to direct clients, both at the design stages or throughout manufacturing, to maximize the attributes of PTFE and Plasma coatings.

Having over 35  years of experience in the PTFE Coating Consultant Service , we are in a sturdy position to provide assistance and also assistance for brand-new tasks and already existing products, with the sole aspiration to acquire the most from the performance characteristics of a properly designed PTFE or plasma sprayed coating system. Combined with the ideal design arrangements, info could be connected to and shared with designers at all levels, to allow all individuals to take advantage of the deepness of details offered from the correct coating service. Working in conjunction when it comes to the resources at Du Pont and Whitford Ltd , technical directions and treatments could be recorded and shown to all individuals involved. Establishing a positive working partnership with designers and manufacturers is a key objective for Performance Engineered Components, to ensure consumers receive the most cost effective service.

We now offer a Free Sample program for qualified customers that want to experiment with the value of wear protection and longevity of component life. Just contact us and we will be happy to review your projects.

Ptfe Coating Consulting and Working prototypes can are produced for all feasible projects.  Performance Engineered Components offer Coatings and a wide variety of stampings and machine services.

PEC, with over 30 years experience in the processes of Teflon Coatings and fluoropolymer coatings, offers specialized service in applying all standard fluoropolymer products, including single and multi-coat systems. These products offer resistance to friction, corrosion and abrasion of working surfaces. Variable cure temperatures allow safe processing in both hardened metals and other materials. Fluoropolymer coatings may also be applied in conjunction with common plating or other surface treatments in order to ensure performance characteristics required in your application. We will provide the information-base you need to choose the best solution for your application from among our wide variety of coatings and processes.

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