Teflon Coating and Consulting Services

Exact Teflon Coating Compliance

Performance Engineered Components is a job shop that offers a full spectrum of Metal Finishing Services in both Teflon and Hard Facing metal finishing.  www.industrialcoat.com

In addition to most metal finishing services, we offer Teflon and Hard Facing metal finishing services, Performance Engineered Components provides  Chrome Oxides, Tungsten Carbides, Plasma spraying, baking, Powder coatings, rust proofing and various colored finishes.

Advantage in Performance

When equipment is properly diagnosed and proper wear resistant coatings are applied, it promises to function with maximum productivity. With the benefits it provides, such as ease in maintenance, flexibility and durability, a production facility can maximize its output capacity and machine hours. By adding strength to equipment and reducing the possibility of damage, wear resistant coatings provide added value to a process and contribute to profitability

Performance Engineered Componentsis approved by many companies. This includes the big three automobile manufactures – Ford Motor Co., General Motors World Wide, and Chrysler Corp. – as well as Mercury Marine, Kelsey-Hayes, Caterpillar, and the U.S. Military to name a few leading industrial enterprises. The most current requirements are maintained to assure your parts are up to date on all job specifications.

In an industry of quality awareness and control, Performance Engineered Components will provide SPC certifications, X-ray certifications, as well as specification certifications upon request. Any item on the company’s product line sheet can be done to specification and can be certified.

With over 35 years of experience in metal treating, We can assure your finishing needs.

Here is an example of Metal Finishing Services,,,, Teflon Coating


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