Exact compliance with Teflon Coating Services, Chrome Oxide, Tungsten Carbide and coating specifications for industrial, food grade, aerospace and government specs.

Teflon Coating Services for machine and plant equipment are vital in industrial production.  When you hear the word Teflon what comes to our minds is something that is non-stick, and although this is true there is more to Teflon coatings than providing a non stick surface. In the industrial and engineering world, Teflon coating services is very important to machines and products because it either makes or breaks them.

There are many different types of Teflon coastings and below are some of the most common types used.

Teflon PTFE (short for poly tetrafluoroethylene), is the most popular type of Teflon coating. A primer and then a top coat makes up this non-stick coating, the Teflon PTFE. There are many types of fluoropolymers but PTFE can handle the highest temperatures, reaching all the way to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Another advantage of PTFE is that it has a very low coefficient of friction. This material can resist abrasions and many different types of chemicals. There are many ways of applying this product

You best option if you are looking for a film that is non-porous is Teflon FEP or fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer. It melts and flows when it is subjected to the baking process. This Teflon coating is also resistant to commercially used chemicals and it is also the type that is very non-stick. It also is applied in powder form and as a water based liquid.

There are ways by which the third kind, the Teflon PFA is similar to the Teflon FEP. The difference is that PFA is superior non stick and can tolerate a higher temperature during continuous use going up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Since PFA (perfluoroalkocy) is tougher than both FEP and PTFE, it can handle a lot more that the other two types of Teflon coating. Like FEP it comes both in powder or water based liquid form. This should be kept in mind if you are considering teflon start up.

Teflon also sells tefzel ETFE and PV2 materials which are the toughest fluoropolymer available today. This type of coating is not completely fluorinated which is important in some application. This type of Teflon is applied in powder or liquid form.

Teflon S One Coat is ideal if you are looking for a Teflon coating that is solvent based rather than water based. Since this type of coating has been blended, it is extremely tough and resistant to abrasions and friction. One coat can work well with smooth metal surfaces and is one of the best cost effective work horses.

Teflon Dry Lubricant is ideal in situations that involve a lot of pressure and high velocities. It is like one coat and can be applied at lower temperatures.   This particular coating is designed a bit differently so that it can work better under high amounts of pressure or velocity.

A Teflon coating is perfect for applications on aluminum, steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, brass, glass, fiberglass, and even plastic.

We also offer many base metal hard coat and ceramic underlays which enhance product life spans.

We are set up for small batch to full production runs.  Consulting service available to fulfill your every requirement.

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