Teflon Coating Services Milwaukee

Teflon Coating Services Milwaukee are now offered by Performance Engineered Components.  They offer a full line of  Teflon Coating Services.   With over 30 years of proven service in the procedures of applying fluoropolymer coatings.  They offers specialized service in applying all basic fluoropolymer products, including multi-coat and single coat systems. Fluoropolymer coatings and impregnations may also be applied in combination with usual plating or other area treatments in order to make certain efficiency attributes needed in your application.  Such hard base coats we offer are Chrome Oxide and Tungsten Carbide,  Aluminum Oxide and a full arsenal of ceramics.  Teflon Coating Services and Stampings are offered together as a full package for tier 1 projects.

Performance Engineered Components besides Teflon Coating Services also offers Hard Coatings such as, Chrome Oxide, Tungsten Carbide, Flame and Plasma Sprays, and Polishing and Buffing Services.

Medical Device Coatings increase functionality, versatility and ease of use

Industrial Coatings affect wear resistance, corrosion, & friction and can impart non-stick

As a full service professional coating facility specializing in applying corrosion resistant and non-stick coatings,  We can provide you with technical knowledge to assist you from the prototyping stage through your full scale production runs, while meeting your on-time delivery.

We look forward to earning your protective coatings business and developing a long-term partnership with your company !

Contact Chuck Donald for more information.  414 339 6672