Teflon Coating Services Minneapolis

Exact compliance with Teflon Coating Services, Chrome Oxide, Tungsten Carbide and coating specifications for industrial, food grade, aerospace and government specs.

Teflon Coating Services Minneapolis with over 35 years encounter in the processes of Teflon Coatings and Hard  coverings, provides specialized service in applying all typical fluoropolymer products, consisting of single as well as multi-coat systems. These items offer resistance to abrasion, deterioration as well as non-stick of working surfaces. Changeable cure temperature levels enable risk-free handling in both hardened metals as well as various other products. We value our teflon coating services Minneapolis.

Fluoropolymer layers might also be applied together with typical plating or various other surface areas in order to make sure efficiency features required in your application. We will give the information-base you need to decide on the very best option for your application from amongst our wide variety of finishes as well as processes.

Performance Engineered Components is ISO 9001:2008 compliant, accredited applicator of Teflon, Xylan, and also more than 500 tested functional coatings. We give an analysis of your application and also create  prototypes & a quotation rapidly.

Performance Engineered Components assets in Teflon Coating Services Minneapolis has comprehensive automation provides our consumers with repeatability, finishing harmony, prototyping processed on production equipment, high quantity production and on-time delivery.

Performance Engineered Components does not market the useful finishes that we apply.

Dupont Teflon Coatings

  • Various coatings for friction and corrosion resistance, as well as superior release coatings.
  • Food Grade Coatings
  • PFA, FEP, and PTFE Top coats
  • Large and Small Part Specialist

Thermal Spray

  • Plasma
  • Flame Spray
  • Twin Wire Arc
  • Plasma

Dry Film Lubricants

  • Non-Stick Coatings
  • FDA Approved Coatings
  • Dytech Impregnation’s
  • Impreglon Coatings
  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Process Design.

For our initial item suggestions, we request information pertaining to job item product, any kind of existing treatments and the defined workplace. Fluorocarbon layers are dielectric, non-wetting as well as resistant to heat transfer. Where these aspects are crucial, it is advised that samples be tested under real or simulated solution to make certain proper performance.

To find out more or coating receive a coating evaluation, call Chuck Donald 414 339 6672.