Teflon Coating Services

Exact compliance with Teflon Coating Services, Chrome Oxide, Tungsten Carbide and coating specifications for industrial, food grade, aerospace and government specs.

Wear resistant and Non stick is an innovative technique widely used today to reduce the ability of materials to stick to surfaces. This kind of Teflon coating services is recognized for its enhancement and superior properties, which make it well-known for a huge assortment of industrial applications, such as mold release agents and food-grade processing equipment. Modern processing facilities nowadays use hardware that are non stick because they are easy and quick to clean.

These surfaces are usually coated with Teflon(or PTFE), a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene. The best among today’s several fluoropolymer coatings, PTFE is still the most popular material for these products. The most popular brand of PTFE is Teflon.
A high-molecular weight fluorocarbon solid, PTFE is widely used in coatings because of its remarkable] properties.  This particular fluoropolymer] is hydrophobic, which means that water and other water-containing substances cannot easily wet these surfaces. This non-wetting property of Teflon makes cleanup of surfaces much more efficient.

Another property that makes Teflon coating services very useful in coatings is its ability to resist temperatures as high as 600F. In addition to this heat resistance, PTFE surfaces are also usable at temperatures as low as -270C or -454F.

Due to the strength of its carbon-fluorine bonds, PTFE is also non-reactive, making it resistant to most chemicals, only molten alkali metals and highly reactive fluorinating agents can effect it. PTFE also has a low coefficient of friction, which enables it to act as a lubricant that reduces wear and energy consumption of various machines. This is also why PTFE is often used in the coating on catheters, as the said fluoropolymer interferes with the ability of infectious agents to adhere to the said surfaces.

There are other fluoropolymers that Teflon coating services  also use in non stick coatings. These include fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer (FEP) and perfluoroalkoxy. Although their operating temperatures are not as high as that of PTFE, these fluoropolymers are still able to provide low friction and excellent chemical resistance with excellent non stick properties.

The most widely known process of Teflon coating services applications is spray coating. Considered as the most versatile method of coating, spray coating is done by introducing the liquid coating into a pressurized air stream. As the coating leaves the spray gun, the said pressurized air stream atomizes the coating, allowing its application to become as a continuous film.

Metal Spray coating has its advantages, one of which is that it provides smooth, consistent, and durable coating. Application via spray coating with a hard face under lament also results to coatings that are very resistant to abrasion and scratching.

In addition to PTFE and other fluoropolymers, hard metal and ceramic flame sprays are also added to non stick coatings. These hard metals provide these coatings with other useful properties such as wear resistance, impact strength, and fatigue resistance. Applying a layer of hard metal underneath the flouropolymer improves its coating abilities.

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