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Polytetrafluoroethylene, most commonly known as Non Stick Teflon, is a type of polymer which is primarly composed of fluorine and carbon. During the year 1938, Dr. Roy Plunkett had discovered and further developed Teflon Coating Systems. Aside from popularly being used in kitchen wares, Teflon coatings can actually be used in other items. More people choose and need to use this coating because it lengthens and improves the life of a products and tools.

As of today, there are already companies which offers metal coating services, may it be for a single item or for a large order. These products attract more customers as some of them even look for Teflon coated parts and components. You might ask, what are the benefits of using Teflon coatings on your industrial parts and other products?

1. It is Heat Resistant and Chemical Resistant

A Teflon coated product always speaks easibility to the customer. It is simply because Teflon coated products are non stick, waterproof and heatproof. It means that it can withstand excessive temperature whever ever the component is being used, without damaging the part itself.

From various laboratory tests, it was said to be able to withstand around 600F or 260C. It is designed for heavy use and under abrasive extensive conditions with the correct hard facing composites such as chrome or tungsten oxides. Aside from that, it requires lower cleaning maintenance since it is waterproof and non stick. It can be cleaned without the worry of damaging and rusting the part that was completely covered with Teflon coatings.

2. It does not transfer  Chemical Side effects

Having these problems are common for some items without Teflon coatings. A product with this coating will not be affected by the substances surrounding it. You can ask your industrial coating service provider on what they could recommend under extreme chemical conditions. Most commonly, Teflon is the primary choice of the consumers. Having the right amount of topcoat on the product can surpass the objectives of the customer.

3. It is Stress and Corrosion Cracking Resistant

This polymer does not only withstand extreme heat and chemical conditions, it is also resistant to stress corrosion. Products with Teflon coatings can be used in various ways. Stress relieving is part of our process system.  For example, Teflon coated non stick pans are widely used on almost every household. Since it is resistant to chemical reactions, it makes every kitchen tool safe for culinary use.

Since it is heatproof, it is easy to cook and process food products on a Teflon coated pan. Heat will be evenly distributed in the pan. You need to only use less or no oil for cooking.

Other products that commonly use Teflon are beauty products. Surprising as it is, nail polish actually contain Teflon. Curling irons and flat irons also have Teflon Coatings on them. It is the reason why most curling irons could evenly straighten or curl the hair while smoothly gliding through it.

Teflon is also important in the world of automobile components. Most commonly, it is used in coating windshield wipers of cars. Teflon coating is also used to protect textile and carpet systems. It is easier to clean a Teflon coated carpet as it is more resistant to stain and more repellent to liquids.

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