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As the industrial and commercial market for improvement of Teflon industrial coating and finishing expanded, so did the technology that sought to address the performance limitations encountered by each coating system. One such coating application that has made its way in the field is Teflon, which contains unique features such as water resistance, low abrasion and corrosion, resistance to high temperature, and non stick coating abilities. Teflon use grew through the years and has gained acceptance in all types of industries.

Know Your Teflon Coatings
Teflon or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a brand name for a compound discovered in 1938 and became available as a product in the commercial market in 1945. A substance with similar properties as PTFA, the perfluoroalkoxy polymer (PFA), also uses Teflon as its trade name.
A DuPont product, the Silverstone, supplements Teflon. Silverstone is a fluoropolymer system that produces three coats, making the metal coating more durable and wear-resistant.
What makes Teflon industrial  coating, when flame or thermal spray is introduced,  is its strength, durability, versatility, and non stick coating abilities. Teflon coating systems allows a substance to release with ease, giving the desired finish. Teflon coating has a low coefficient of friction, depending on the conditions. Plus, Teflon characteristic of non-wetting makes the surface easy to clean and maintain.
Heat resistance is another feature of Teflon coating which makes it essential for commercial and industrial use. Teflon has cryogenic stability making Teflon coatings usable in cold conditions of up to 454 degrees Fahrenheit while still retaining its basic properties.
The Teflon Coatings Family
PTFE : It is a non stick coating which utilizes a one or two-coat system: the primer and the topcoat. PTFE possesses the highest operating temperature with a very low coefficient of friction. It is also resistant to chemical resistant.
FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer) : This coating flows when melted to produce a nonporous film. This type of coating is essential for chemical resistance.
ETFE : It is a blend of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene which has excellent chemical resistant and able to operate continuously at 149 degrees Centigrade or 300 degrees Fahrenheit. ETFE is the toughest and provides the most durable finish.
Teflon one coat : It is a solvent-based liquid coating made from a special blend of fluoropolymers and high-performing resins. This combination improves toughness and abrasion resistance. Most of the properties of fluoroplastic are retained, like the low friction and non stick features, due to the film components which are activated during baking. This coating retains a smooth and clean metal surface.
Teflon dry lubricant : This coating system is a special version of Teflon technology that provides lubrication under a high-pressure and high-velocity condition. Like the Teflon one coat, this type is solvent or water based and cured between 260 degrees Centigrade or 500 degrees Fahrenheit and 371 degrees Centigrade or 700 degrees Fahrenheit.
The variety of coating types and the unique properties of Teflon industrial and commercial coatings make these application an integral component of the manufacturing and maintenance world. With further evaluation and testing and the proper equipment, Teflon coatings can still be tested and be applied to a wider range of problem area’s. The durability, versatility, and serviceability of Teflon coatings ensure longer life, reduced expenditure cost, and meeting time expectations of clients and producers.

Performance Engineered Components offers Teflon Coating Consultant services, that includes items such as Teflon  and wear resistant coatings,  we are constantly  being  updated and improved by both Du Pont and Whitford Ltd..  At Performance Engineered Components we recognize that not all designers know the full benefits of the fluoropolymer array of finishes, it is when it comes to this know-how that we are in a position to direct clients, both at the design stages or throughout manufacturing, to maximize the attributes of Teflon and Plasma coatings.

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