Thermal Spray Coatings Service

Chrome Oxide Tungsten Carbides and Ceramics

Thermal Spray Coatings HVOF   The HVOF procedure is a high speed, reduced temperature  process made use of for the production of hard coatings. PEC is a well equipped center for all kinds of coverings consisting of higher end Chrome oxide, tungsten carbide. We assist you to safeguard your parts against wear and corrosion.
The success of Thermal Spray Coatings in the oil industry led the means to the industrial markets consisting of textile, steel, plastic, paper/pulp, chemical and also power generation. The coatings applications are virtually unlimited.

How does it work?
HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel) is a procedure that utilizes supersonic velocity of metal or ceramic powder to many times the speed of sound (See the shock diamonds aware). The significant influence power integrates the covering particles to the component surface to develop an incredibly strong coating. Both, kinetic and also thermal energies are combined in a quite reliable style.
Energy as well as oxygen are supplied right into the spray weapon where they’re fired up in the interior burning chamber providing the electricial source for this unique covering device. The wanted material in powder form is administered right into the stream from a measured feeder, where it gets heated and accelerated as it’s leaving the nozzle. The material stream reaches speeds of a number of times the speed of sound as it impacts the job surface to form a strong uniform covering. Shock patterns in the spray stream can be calibrated to insure compliant coatings.

Thermal Spray Coatings HVOF Chrome Oxide  Tungsten Carbides and Ceramics


  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Tungsten carbide – chrome alloy
  • Chrome carbide alloys
  • Nickel – Chrome alloys
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Hastalloy
  • Inconel

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